Earn Bitcoin in 2018: The revolutionary way

It seems easy to find information online. For example, when you want to know how to earn this famous cryptocurrency, all you have to type is how to earn Bitcoin in 2018 on your favorite search engine. But are all of the information available out there valuable? When we talk especially about ways to make money online, it’s sometimes difficult to stumble upon a good information. It’s almost 10 years now that Bitcoin has been invented by the famous Satoshi Nakamoto. We know that many become billionaire after the huge rising in price of the cryptocurrency, knowing that one bitcoin in dollar was about some pennies at the beginning, but now worths more than 8000$ on the market! So, the question is how to get bitcoins? Does it still exist a way to earn a lot of bitcoins today ? It’s hard to find good tips out there, especially online; but I’m glad to tell you that a new method exists to earn Bitcoin fast?! And I’m going to share with you this information FOR FREE, NOW, no false promise here! DOWNLOAD MY FREE EBOOK BY CLICKING HERE, or continue reading these lines if you need more hype about my little secret?! 🙂

My Bitcoin Wealth Method

Whether you have some pieces of knowledge about cryptocurrencies, or you are a complete newbie, the information that I give for free to you here is valuable. I gather inside my FREE EBOOK all of the way that we know today to earn Bitcoin online. There’s mining, trading, gambling, and so on. But the method you’ll see at the last page allowed me to get 0.0002btc within 10 minutes, for doing almost nothing. And it’s clear that this method is unusual. What if I tell you that all the simple things that you do every day will allow you to make up to 1200$ daily? I’m not kidding right now. If you haven’t checked my secret yet, DISCOVER IT FOR FREE RIGHT NOW. You can download it too if you want. Have you seen how I made 0.0002btc or around 8$ in less than 10 minutes? Pretty amazing huh? 😀 What is really wonderful is that everyone can do it!


A revolution:

Everyone wants to know how to earn Bitcoin free. I want to earn Bitcoin for free too. That’s why I share even this information for free?! 😀 I think everyone needs to know this opportunity quickly, because the more people will get to know it, the more the rewards will grow, for all of us! You still don’t know what I’m talking about? Just look at it HERE. If you haven’t read the book ‘till now, I just want to reassure you. It’s not about any kind of Ponzi scheme, or HYIP, in which you have to invest in order to earn Bitcoin in 2017. You can begin from scratch, I began from scratch, but I had made 0.0002 btc or 15$ within 10 minutes, as you can see from the screenshot inside my book. Is it about affiliation network? Nope. It’s anything that you’ve seen before. The fact is that it’s something that you do every day, but for the first time in the history of internet, allows you to earn money 🙂


Is it possible to earn Bitcoin every second? Yes!

This title now sounds like my method is a big scam?! 😀 I know, it seems too good to be true. The fact is that scam or not, everything that I provide you here is free. Even joining this BIG OPPORTUNITY is free! So finally, we can’t call it a scam, because I give you something for free that can generate you big money! 😉 It’s rare to find good opportunities through years. When you find one, sometimes it’s too late to jump on the wagon. For this one, now is the time! You have nothing to lose here, a lot to win. When I say a lot, you can just refer to the title. Some people earn up to 0.1BTC or 800$ within 30 minutes, with what I share with you here, so I think we can say they earn Bitcoin every second, a lot of Bitcoins! You still haven’t opened my little ebook until now? GET A LOOK AT IT HERE. This hyperlink will lead you to Dropbox where you can view and download the file, so don’t hesitate anymore. You’ll always be safe on this website! 😉


In a nutshell

I have to admit that I’m not an expert in Bitcoin. I’m just a wannabe guy, who searches for, certainly as you, efficient ways to earn money on the web. This is, by far, the best opportunity that I’ve seen online, to earn Bitcoin, or just to earn money, period. Give it a try, you won’t be disappointed. Thank you very much if you have read this article ‘till the end, even if you have already opened my book. And congratulation, if you haven’t checked it yet, despite all of my previous arguments 🙂 Now it’s up to you, do as you want, I’m just going to put the last link HERE, so there’s no need for you to search for the previous one 🙂 Bye for now, and happy earning!


Thinking out loud – Ed Sheeran (covered by Styleyfrancky)

thinking out loud cover

Image source: pixabay.com

Editing done on Canva.com

Instrumentals: Starmaker

This song is for sure my favorite track from Ed Sheeran. Everything is catchy, from the clip video, the lyrics, to the melody. Do you remember this famous clip video ? 🙂 Yes, where Ed Sheeran dance for the first time. It was so great, I would never doubt he was such a good dancer.

Now, it’s natural as a fan to sing the song of his idol, isn’t it ? I’ve lowered a little bit the octave, because let’s face it, it’s not so easy to sing this song 😀 I adapt it for my own comfort, but I think despite that, I succeed to transfer the proper emotions through my interpretation.

Ed Sheeran is so talented, being himself a songwriter, a singer, and a producer. Amazing! My goal is to become someone like him and succeed in the music industry, I hope you’ll continue this journey with me. 🙂 Together, nothing’s impossible! Enjoy guys!


Carry on that dream

carry on that dream vrai

Carry on that dream. Why are you alive? Why do you live on this earth? You need to have goal in this life, in order to be yourself aware of your existence. And any goal begins by a dream. Whatever your dream are, carry on. Continue your way, and…shine in the sky. Cause every step, that you have to take, will make you reach your goal! 🙂 Enjoy!


Earn more than 0.002 Bitcoin per day : ( 2018 update) My Bitcoin Generator


Sometimes, good opportunities appear once in a lifetime, and if you don’t act quickly, you’ll miss the boat, and you won’t even get a few scraps off the table. We can for example consider the case of the Bitcoin online, which raises from cents to thousands of dollar in a few years, making a lot of millionaires all around the world. But is there anymore other big opportunities nowadays, into the world of cryptocurrency? Well, I am here to show you the big, new opportunities of 2018. The first one is WCX. It’s a new bitcoin exchange that will allow you  to earn 5 bucks, for just signing up. The second one is Qoinpro, which will allow you to make instant free bitcoin now, right now, just by signing up (yes, you heard it well)!

A new bitcoin exchange to earn 0.002 BTC for signing up

You may be surprised if it’s the first time that you hear about such an offer. But this is not the first time that you can get free bitcoins only by registering. You can for example earn steem dollars just by creating a steem acount (more on that on my other article). You have now an other chance to get around 5$, or about 0.0002 BTC ( the current value of bitcoin is around 12000$)! I repeat it: 5$ just for signing up! Isn’t that great? Click HERE to get a look at this new opportunity. It’s an affiliate link that will allow you and me to get 50 WCXT, plus a 5% discount of the WCXT you buy.


Sign up and get bitcoins daily: the best website I’ve ever seen!

So you earn money for signing up with WCX. On Qoinpro, not only you’ll earn bitcoin for signing up, but you’ll get bitcoins every day, daily, on autopilot. You have to do nothing! Just let the money flows in! Isn’t that great? I have to be frank with you, I’ve never seen something like that on the internet. Qoinpro is just amazing! And not only you’ll earned bitcoin on a regular basis, but you’ll get more than 11 other altcoins/cryptocurrencies too. I think it’s the perfect faucet, with no captcha, or anything you have to click, or to do. Just get your money daily. Period! By registering through my affiliate link, I will earn a little more coin each day, but you won’t earn less coins daily, so everyone wins 🙂


Earn, invest, earn even more

Now, you can make even more money on WCX. You can buy some tokens to get a monthly passive income from your holding of WCXT. The fact is that 20% of all revenue generated by WCX is automatically paid out to token holders, in amounts based on each holder’s share of the total amount of tokens. For instance, if you just hold 40 000 WCXT, you’ll get around 30$ daily, or 0.002 BTC. Isn’t that great? It’s like having shares on famous exchanges as Poloniex or Bittrex. It’s just amazing! If you have signed up through my refferal link, you’ll get an extra 15% bonus when you buy WCXT.

Screenshot-2017-10-4 WCX

A last word

Now you have all you need to know to earn more than 0.002 bitcoin a day. If you combine these two methods. That’s all for this little sharing. Happy earning! 🙂



Make money now : my own experience

If you want to make money now, there’s no big secret. You have to work for it. Even on the web. Sometimes, we tend to think that because this is on the internet, it must be easier to earn some cash. And this is not our fault, as we see famous people who become billionaire thanks to their Social Network, or other online gurus who show you their so-called huge incomes earned for doing almost nothing, in order to fool you and make more profits. The reality is that as in real life, you have to work to earn money. And before you can go to work, you need to get a job (thanks Mr.Obvious haha :D). It can be rude to wake up from your money-quick-scheme dream, but in this article we’re going to go straight to the point. And this is based on my own experience. If I can make money working online, you can too my friend 🙂 And we’re going to focus especially on a well-known platform, that will allow you to make money now online : Fiverr.

Fiverr , what is it ?

Fiverr represents an online marketplace which allows you to buy or to sell services, and different kind of products. The minimum price for a service called gig on the platform is 5$. So this is an opportunity for you to make money now fast and quickly. You can offer whatever you want as a service. You can write articles, design logos, or do things more creative to attract people to your gigs. Really, you can do whatever you like. I see for example people offering to play with you on mobile game, for 5$. Me for example, I’ve earned some bucks for showing some funny and useful tricks on Google that I found here and there through my personal research. You don’t believe me? Just look at the following screenshot. Or you can visit my own profile on Fiverr if you want 🙂 Just search for styleyfrancky once you are on the platform.

image 1

It’s all about having fun

I’m aware now, by writing this article, that maybe I was wrong. Finally, maybe you don’t have to work to make money now online. And my experience on Fiverr is the proof. You can have fun, and get 5$, 10$, 100$ with no effort. It depends on the service that you’re going to offer, and how it is found interesting by the buyers. Just do what you’re good at, and what you think may help people. For example, I’ve discovered recently a way to make money for just being active on a Social Network. I have shared the information in order to help people getting to know this opportunity, and making money too. You can check my gig on Fiverr if you want, just type in the search tab of the platform “show you how to earn 19 dollars on a social network “.

image 2

A place to find great deal

Sometimes, in order to earn money, you have to spend a few. And Fiverr is a great place to find great offers, to boost your business.  The most famous gigs are related to digital marketing, design, and writing. So, if for example, you want to bookmark quickly your website, there’s really good gigs that will do it for your for just 5 bucks. You can enhance your visibility on Social Media too, thanks to great influencers that are ready to post your links or contents on their own Facebook page, or Linkedin community. You can even promote your own gig, thanks to other gigs… Isn’t that great? 🙂 I’ve ordered a lot of gigs myself, in order to promote this website, so maybe if you stumble upon tutopipstycoon.com, it’s thanks to one of these amazing gigs 🙂 You can see on the screenshot above some of the orders that I’ve made.

image 3

Earn 5$ right now

Fiverr is a great place to make some money. Some freelancers make a living on this plateform alone, and others become even millionaire. It’s up to you to succeed on it, you can find different kind of tips online, in order to improve your gigs. That’s all for this little article about how to make money now, I hope you enjoyed reading it! 🙂 Bye for now.


Semalt SEO Tips For Multilingual Sites

Many bloggers face some problems when trying to add multiple languages to their website. The problem is that this feature really affects your SEO. Sometimes, adding content in multiple languages can be beneficial to your efforts, making your site ranking get high. In other cases, multilingual pages on a site can make a website rank poorly.

So, the question is: will making your site multilingual hurt your SEO or enhance the efforts? Max Bell, one of the leading experts of Semalt Digital Services tells what SEO aspects you should consider when making a multilingual site.

Multi-Language Sites and SEO

In the Google algorithm, content that appears machinery translated in different languages is deemed as duplicate content. Google penalizes duplicate content by making the website rank poorly. No one would want the site receive a poor ranking due to the languages problem. According to this, Google can incorporate secondary optional language on websites in particular regions. For instance, it works if people are French speaking citizens as much as English speaking. Google refines this search, incorporating these languages. In this case, they do not appear as duplicate content, so the one can use native Google URL for the content.

In other cases, Google algorithm can detect multilingual content as keywords stuffing. Keyword stuffing is one of the black hat SEO methods which involves excessive usage of keywords to trick the system into ranking you first. However, since the January 2017 update, content relevance is the key factor. Multilingual content which is appearing as stuffed keywords does not work well on your SEO anymore. Most search engines penalize it almost immediately.

Succeeding with Multilingual Website

Upon the decision of using the multilingual approach on your website, setting it up is another important factor. For instance, one has to consider the fact that site crawlers like Google bots should see it correctly as a second language. If this fails, the consequences mentioned above can make your website SEO fail. To succeed, using a URL or domain structure is important. This can help Google search engine to detect the multilingual content you are posting. For example:

  • A top-level domain (TLD). This is for the region you are targeting. It is costly but can be the best option. It sets your intention clear to google. The websites can look like this: mywebsite.de
  • Generic Subdomains (gTLD). This option can help you to retain the old URL. However, there is no direct targeting as in the case of the top-level domain (TLD). The websites can look like this: de.mywebsite.com
  • Generic Subdirectories. This option is the cheapest. It involves changing the URL structure. The website URL can look like mywebsite.com/de/URL



For the blogger, using multiple languages to get to get the attention of many readers seems like a great opportunity. However, digital marketers advice you to be careful with this technique. For example, multilingual sites can be deemed as duplicate content and receive a poor ranking. When Google bots detect your content as duplicate, it affects your SEO ranking negatively. In other cases, multilingual content has the potential to improve your ranking. Using the tips mentioned above, you can set up and operate a multilingual site successfully in order to achieve good SEO results.

How to start trading: my advices

Pipstycoon corresponds to a financial simulator, which allows you to trade, for real, currencies, and stocks. But if you are like me, a non financial expert, you may find the idea of trading too risky for your money. Personally, the first time I hear about the concept, I thought about a kind of gambling game. Fortunately, I’ve discovered with the experience that it’s not the case. So I’m going to share with you in this article how, in my mind, you can start trading in the better conditions.

First tip: Improve your trading skills

Maybe you’ve laughed by reading the title here! 😀 I agree, this is obvious, and certainly not a secret for anyone. But it’s sure now that you agree with me, if I say that whatever the business you manage to undertake, you have to learn and master the ins and outs of it. That’s why I think it’s the best way to start, so you could MAKE PROFIT from you first trade. And with our modern technology, it’s a child’s play to search for answers online; for example, by typing « learn Forex » on Google, you will come accross some pretty good websites, as www.babypips.com. I had particularely enjoyed this one when I tried it, because I found the interface user-friendly. If you prefer to get everything covered inside a book, the best one I can advice you is certainly trading for dummies. I personally don’t have it, but owning other « for dummies » books, (as weight training for dummies, or internet poker for dummies) I can testify that each of these yellow paperbacks are a GREAT VALUE FOR MONEY, with valuable informations given by professionals, easy to understand and to apply.

Click here to visit trading for dummies on Amazon

Second tip: USE ROBOTS

If you don’t have time to learn, or you want to get immediatly a taste of the trading thrill, you can opt for the use of trading robots. Therefore, you can get some for FREE online. Just search on google for « Free robots forex », or « free bots for metatrader ». I have especially found a youtube video that I share with you here, so you can look at it without waste of time:

I’ve tried it for a week, and I’ve noticed that it’s particularely useful on the EUR/USD pair. But you can use it on the currencies that you want. Just remember to test the bots on a demo account firstly, so you will avoid bad surprises. The tip is to use at the same time a METATRADER demo account, and SPARKPROFIT, so you SAVE YOUR MONEY, but you will earn some when your predictions are good. I warmly recommand you to use this technique about metatrader and sparkprofit. Besides, this last one is an excellent game too, with this concept of FREE PLAYING to earn real money. And a lot of money, if you are a skilled trader. Here are some screenshots that shows how some people earns a lot on this website/app:

sparkprofit testimonial

As you can see above, the affiliate program is one of the JACKPOT on this website, because you earn 20% of your referrers income from the owners of sparkprofit’s pockets, not theirs. This is, in my mind, one of the best affiliate program on the web.

Click here to visit Sparkprofit’s website

image sparkprofit

That’s all for this article. I hope I have helped you through my little advices. They don’t come from an expert, but based on my personal experience, I think they are pretty interesting for those who start with trading, or even those who want to improve their skills, and Return On Investment.