How to start trading: my advices

Pipstycoon corresponds to a financial simulator, which allows you to trade, for real, currencies, and stocks. But if you are like me, a non financial expert, you may find the idea of trading too risky for your money. Personally, the first time I hear about the concept, I thought about a kind of gambling game. Fortunately, I’ve discovered with the experience that it’s not the case. So I’m going to share with you in this article how, in my mind, you can start trading in the better conditions.

First tip: Improve your trading skills

Maybe you’ve laughed by reading the title here! 😀 I agree, this is obvious, and certainly not a secret for anyone. But it’s sure now that you agree with me, if I say that whatever the business you manage to undertake, you have to learn and master the ins and outs of it. That’s why I think it’s the best way to start, so you could MAKE PROFIT from you first trade. And with our modern technology, it’s a child’s play to search for answers online; for example, by typing « learn Forex » on Google, you will come accross some pretty good websites, as I had particularely enjoyed this one when I tried it, because I found the interface user-friendly. If you prefer to get everything covered inside a book, the best one I can advice you is certainly trading for dummies. I personally don’t have it, but owning other « for dummies » books, (as weight training for dummies, or internet poker for dummies) I can testify that each of these yellow paperbacks are a GREAT VALUE FOR MONEY, with valuable informations given by professionals, easy to understand and to apply.

Click here to visit trading for dummies on Amazon

Second tip: USE ROBOTS

If you don’t have time to learn, or you want to get immediatly a taste of the trading thrill, you can opt for the use of trading robots. Therefore, you can get some for FREE online. Just search on google for « Free robots forex », or « free bots for metatrader ». I have especially found a youtube video that I share with you here, so you can look at it without waste of time:

I’ve tried it for a week, and I’ve noticed that it’s particularely useful on the EUR/USD pair. But you can use it on the currencies that you want. Just remember to test the bots on a demo account firstly, so you will avoid bad surprises. The tip is to use at the same time a METATRADER demo account, and SPARKPROFIT, so you SAVE YOUR MONEY, but you will earn some when your predictions are good. I warmly recommand you to use this technique about metatrader and sparkprofit. Besides, this last one is an excellent game too, with this concept of FREE PLAYING to earn real money. And a lot of money, if you are a skilled trader. Here are some screenshots that shows how some people earns a lot on this website/app:

sparkprofit testimonial

As you can see above, the affiliate program is one of the JACKPOT on this website, because you earn 20% of your referrers income from the owners of sparkprofit’s pockets, not theirs. This is, in my mind, one of the best affiliate program on the web.

Click here to visit Sparkprofit’s website

image sparkprofit

That’s all for this article. I hope I have helped you through my little advices. They don’t come from an expert, but based on my personal experience, I think they are pretty interesting for those who start with trading, or even those who want to improve their skills, and Return On Investment.


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