Earn more than 0.002 Bitcoin per day : ( 2018 update) My Bitcoin Generator


Sometimes, good opportunities appear once in a lifetime, and if you don’t act quickly, you’ll miss the boat, and you won’t even get a few scraps off the table. We can for example consider the case of the Bitcoin online, which raises from cents to thousands of dollar in a few years, making a lot of millionaires all around the world. But is there anymore other big opportunities nowadays, into the world of cryptocurrency? Well, I am here to show you the big, new opportunities of 2018. The first one is WCX. It’s a new bitcoin exchange that will allow you  to earn 5 bucks, for just signing up. The second one is Qoinpro, which will allow you to make instant free bitcoin now, right now, just by signing up (yes, you heard it well)!

A new bitcoin exchange to earn 0.002 BTC for signing up

You may be surprised if it’s the first time that you hear about such an offer. But this is not the first time that you can get free bitcoins only by registering. You can for example earn steem dollars just by creating a steem acount (more on that on my other article). You have now an other chance to get around 5$, or about 0.0002 BTC ( the current value of bitcoin is around 12000$)! I repeat it: 5$ just for signing up! Isn’t that great? Click HERE to get a look at this new opportunity. It’s an affiliate link that will allow you and me to get 50 WCXT, plus a 5% discount of the WCXT you buy.


Sign up and get bitcoins daily: the best website I’ve ever seen!

So you earn money for signing up with WCX. On Qoinpro, not only you’ll earn bitcoin for signing up, but you’ll get bitcoins every day, daily, on autopilot. You have to do nothing! Just let the money flows in! Isn’t that great? I have to be frank with you, I’ve never seen something like that on the internet. Qoinpro is just amazing! And not only you’ll earned bitcoin on a regular basis, but you’ll get more than 11 other altcoins/cryptocurrencies too. I think it’s the perfect faucet, with no captcha, or anything you have to click, or to do. Just get your money daily. Period! By registering through my affiliate link, I will earn a little more coin each day, but you won’t earn less coins daily, so everyone wins 🙂


Earn, invest, earn even more

Now, you can make even more money on WCX. You can buy some tokens to get a monthly passive income from your holding of WCXT. The fact is that 20% of all revenue generated by WCX is automatically paid out to token holders, in amounts based on each holder’s share of the total amount of tokens. For instance, if you just hold 40 000 WCXT, you’ll get around 30$ daily, or 0.002 BTC. Isn’t that great? It’s like having shares on famous exchanges as Poloniex or Bittrex. It’s just amazing! If you have signed up through my refferal link, you’ll get an extra 15% bonus when you buy WCXT.

Screenshot-2017-10-4 WCX

A last word

Now you have all you need to know to earn more than 0.002 bitcoin a day. If you combine these two methods. That’s all for this little sharing. Happy earning! 🙂




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