Make money now : my own experience

If you want to make money now, there’s no big secret. You have to work for it. Even on the web. Sometimes, we tend to think that because this is on the internet, it must be easier to earn some cash. And this is not our fault, as we see famous people who become billionaire thanks to their Social Network, or other online gurus who show you their so-called huge incomes earned for doing almost nothing, in order to fool you and make more profits. The reality is that as in real life, you have to work to earn money. And before you can go to work, you need to get a job (thanks Mr.Obvious haha :D). It can be rude to wake up from your money-quick-scheme dream, but in this article we’re going to go straight to the point. And this is based on my own experience. If I can make money working online, you can too my friend 🙂 And we’re going to focus especially on a well-known platform, that will allow you to make money now online : Fiverr.

Fiverr , what is it ?

Fiverr represents an online marketplace which allows you to buy or to sell services, and different kind of products. The minimum price for a service called gig on the platform is 5$. So this is an opportunity for you to make money now fast and quickly. You can offer whatever you want as a service. You can write articles, design logos, or do things more creative to attract people to your gigs. Really, you can do whatever you like. I see for example people offering to play with you on mobile game, for 5$. Me for example, I’ve earned some bucks for showing some funny and useful tricks on Google that I found here and there through my personal research. You don’t believe me? Just look at the following screenshot. Or you can visit my own profile on Fiverr if you want 🙂 Just search for styleyfrancky once you are on the platform.

image 1

It’s all about having fun

I’m aware now, by writing this article, that maybe I was wrong. Finally, maybe you don’t have to work to make money now online. And my experience on Fiverr is the proof. You can have fun, and get 5$, 10$, 100$ with no effort. It depends on the service that you’re going to offer, and how it is found interesting by the buyers. Just do what you’re good at, and what you think may help people. For example, I’ve discovered recently a way to make money for just being active on a Social Network. I have shared the information in order to help people getting to know this opportunity, and making money too. You can check my gig on Fiverr if you want, just type in the search tab of the platform “show you how to earn 19 dollars on a social network “.

image 2

A place to find great deal

Sometimes, in order to earn money, you have to spend a few. And Fiverr is a great place to find great offers, to boost your business.  The most famous gigs are related to digital marketing, design, and writing. So, if for example, you want to bookmark quickly your website, there’s really good gigs that will do it for your for just 5 bucks. You can enhance your visibility on Social Media too, thanks to great influencers that are ready to post your links or contents on their own Facebook page, or Linkedin community. You can even promote your own gig, thanks to other gigs… Isn’t that great? 🙂 I’ve ordered a lot of gigs myself, in order to promote this website, so maybe if you stumble upon, it’s thanks to one of these amazing gigs 🙂 You can see on the screenshot above some of the orders that I’ve made.

image 3

Earn 5$ right now

Fiverr is a great place to make some money. Some freelancers make a living on this plateform alone, and others become even millionaire. It’s up to you to succeed on it, you can find different kind of tips online, in order to improve your gigs. That’s all for this little article about how to make money now, I hope you enjoyed reading it! 🙂 Bye for now.